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  • Iran to sit on UN’s Arms Trade Treaty conference

    Can you guess which nation was just appointed to sit on the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty conference?

    Of course you can! After all, you just read the headline, didn’t you?

    It’s a joke, you think? Well, think again. It is just as much a joke as the news that Syria is on track to be appointed to the UN’s Human Rights Council.

    You might remember that the Libertarian just recently reported on Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela lining up to be appointed to the same UN institution.

    Now, appointing Iran to the institution that is meant to oversee arms-control is about as insane as it would be for a serial rapist to be in charge of the security in a women’s safe house; but then again, insanity appears to be an integral part of the UN’s mission, for only insanity can justify placing Assad’s Syria on the Human Rights Council.

    To the UN’s defense, however, one needs to acknowledge that putting dictatorships and human rights abusers on said Council has become a bit of a tradition, considering the presence there of Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia, all of which have a rap sheet of human rights abuses, the contents of which form nothing less than a teaching textbook of how to violate individual rights in the most effective way.


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