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  • So unfair !

    America is such an unjust society, isn’t it ? Warren Buffet pays less of a tax rate than his secretary ! There you have it. So, let’s all join together and make it more of a fair society, where everybody does his fair share and everybody wins. Make it a win/win society!
    Such the tenor of Obama’s recent SOTU address.
    At the present time, 53% of Americans pay federal income tax, and 47% don’t.
    That’s what I call lose/win, not win/win.
    Obama wants to make some of those who are paying, pay more. Call me a stickler, but that sounds like a lose more/win more situation to me.
    But let’s carry on with the facts.
    According to the National Taxpayers Union, the numbers for 2009 look like this:
    The top 1% of income earners (those who earn an annual gross income of $ 344,000 or more) pay 37% of the Federal Income Tax Revenue,
    The top 10% (AGI of $ 112,000 or more) pay 70%,
    The top 25% (AGI of $66,000 or more) pay 87%.
    So, what Obama is saying, let the afore-mentioned 1% pay even more, because a state of affair where these 1% of tax-payers pay anything less than 40% or 50% of the Federal Income Tax Revenue is “socially unbalanced”.
    Folks, the US are reaching the tipping point: a society in which one half of the population is paying to sustain themselves AND the other half is doomed to collapse. Not too far from today, there will be more takers than makers, and the latter will be at the mercy of the former, for that’s how democracy works: a tyranny of the majority. In 2008, he promised to “fundamentally change this country”. Nobody should say he doesn’t make good on his promises; with this one, he is almost there.

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