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    The Competitive Enterprise Institute reports on the regulatory burden on American taxpayers under the title “Ten Thousand Commandments: An annual snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State”.
    Here a few bare essentials you might not be aware of:
    1. Annual regulatory compliance costs hit $ 1.752 trillion Dollars in 2008.
    2. The regulatory “hidden tax” stands at 50.7% of the level of federal spending itself.
    3. Regulatory cost exceed all 2008 corporate pre-tax profits of $ 1.463 trillion.
    4. Regulatory cost dwarf corporate income taxes of $ 157 billion.
    5. Regulatory costs are nearby double the level of individual income taxes.
    6. Regulatory costs absorb 12% of the US GDP in 2010.
    7. The 2010 Federal Register stands at al all-time record of 81,405 pages.
    8. Federal Register pages devoted to final rules alone rose by 20% since 2009.
    9. 4,225 new regulations are in the pipeline.
    10. Of the afore-mentioned 4,225 rules, 845 affect small businesses.
    11. The five most active rule-producing agencies (Treasury, Health and Human Services, Commerce, Agriculture and Environmental Protection Agency) account for 43% of all rules in the Unified Agenda pipeline.

    The bureaucrats are regulating America to death.

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